Subdued and cosy – this is how you do dark decor!

Decorating your home with dark tones maybe sounds like it goes against one of our most orthodox laws of decoration. "Light and fresh" has long been what many strive for. But the truth is that with the right tricks a dark decor can be not just cosy, but also dramatic and luxurious!

Committing to dark decor is risky and perhaps not always easy. But with well-thought-out choices, the results can be striking – with an exclusive, hotel-like feeling. Dark decor is, furthermore, suitable for many different styles, regardless of whether you have a modern or traditional style. Here below you can find some tips! 

Everything in moderation – avoid too much black 

A classic mistake when you want to decorate with dark colours is to go too dark and too colourless. There are lots of colours to choose from, even in darker tones. Dark marine blue, rust red, nut brown and forest green are just some examples. Black is, of course, allowed, and can be striking, but don't let it take over. It can be good to begin with stylistically simple, black picture frames and other small decorative details, or some specially chosen pieces of black furniture.

Sitting room in dark, earthy tones - grey velvet sofa, black frames, bubble lamp, round mirror

Create balance with contrasts

In order to break up the darkness and make your home more lively, contrasts are needed. Use mirrors that catch the light, as well as glossy decorative details and textiles such as silk in order to contrast with matt tones. Even some white elements are a helpful and elegant way to offset the darkness.

Sitting room with dark walls, black velvet armchairs, round mirror, graphical posters

If you're not out after a monochrome colour scheme, you can create stylish contrasts by combining different materials and structures in your decor.

Sitting room in grey colour scale - photo wall above velvet sofa

Brass, brass, brass (or gold)

Decorative details in brass or gold can be very aesthetic in combination with dark decor styles. Brass and gold shine and create reflections which give the room some life, at the same time as the warm metal harmonises well with the subdued tones. Brass and gold also strengthen the luxurious and elegant feeling.

Golden picture frame on a stone wall - decoration details in gold

Light posters against a dark wall

If you paint your wall with a dark colour, you can benefit from choosing posters or other wall art in lighter tones. The subject is accentuated in a very striking way, and furthermore you create a nice balance between the light and the dark.

Light, graphical posters on dark walls

Think about the lighting 

With darker decor it is even more important than unusual to have good lighting. Firstly, you need to make sure that the room is equipped with practical lighting, so that you can see properly when you do things like cleaning or reading. Secondly, you also need to make sure that the room's lighting sets the right tone to get that snug, cosy feeling.

Sitting room with dark wall colour, white sofa and big, round mirror