Envelope Sheets

Here you’ll find our lovely envelope sheets! Envelope sheets are a type of fitted sheet which, instead of being elasticated, are sewn at the corners to create a pocket for your mattress topper. This special shape keeps the sheet in place all night – perfect for those who toss and turn in their sleep! Having a sheet that stays put and doesn’t get crumpled up is very important for getting a good night’s sleep. Making the bed with an envelope sheets is simple and easy and their shaped means that they fold away neatly too. Welcome to BGASTORE.UK and let us inspire you with our specially shaped bedsheets.

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    With BGA, you'll find a beautiful selection of different bedsheets, among which we have envelope sheets! But just what is an envelope sheet? Well, an envelope sheet is a fitted sheet that suits mattresses with a maximum height of 8 cm. Envelope sheets are made in such a way that they can easily be stretched around the mattress. These types of fitted sheets are secured from all four corners of the mattress, and go quite a way under it. This means that they stay in place all night long, no matter how much you twist and turn in your sleep. In other words, this kind of bedsheet sits a little tighter than other kinds. Apart from the fact that they stay so well in place, another positive thing about envelope sheets is that, if you fold them in the right way, they take up less space in your cupboards. This means that you can store your envelope sheets properly without needing to squeeze them into your cupboard, thereby making them all creased and lumpy. It also makes the sheet easy to pack away, and means that it doesn't take up too much space in your luggage, if you should need to take it travelling. In other words, there are lots of advantages to choosing an envelope sheet, and if you do buy one, you're making a good investment in your sleep!


    There are so many different kinds of bedsheets out there, so it's easy to get confused sometimes. Envelope sheets and elasticated sheets are two good examples of bedsheets that are easy to get mixed up. Both envelope sheets and elasticated sheets are so-called ”fitted sheets”, and both have edges that are secured around the mattress, unlike traditional sheets which don't have sewn-in corners and which are simply folded underneath the mattress. Envelope sheets are designed to fit very tightly around the mattress, and this is the essential difference between envelope sheets and elasticated sheets, which can be easy to confuse for one another. Envelope sheets don't have elastic sewn into their edges like elasticated sheets do, and because envelope sheets have a very tight fit, a little more effort is needed to get them onto the mattress. But when they're in place, they stay in place! In other words, envelope sheets are a good choice when you want a bedsheet that stays smooth and straight all night long, meaning that you can get extra good sleep without waking up to find the bedsheet all rolled up and lumpy in the middle of the bed.


    When choosing envelope sheets, it's important to think about which material you want them to be. You'll be spending many hours every night on it, so it's important that it's both strong and comfortable. Cotton is usually a popular choice of material when it comes to bedroom textiles. Cotton is a natural fiber with good breathability and absorption. It is also very strong. That's why an envelope sheet made from cotton is a smart choice. Another popular choice of material for envelope sheets is satin. Satin sheets can feel extra luxurious – they're very soft, and the glossy surface makes them look really elegant. Satin is also less hard on the hair, and less trying on the skin. So if you choose a satin sheet, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you're choosing a sheet that's good both for your outside and your inside. By clicking on the sheet you're interested in, you can read more about which material it's made from.


    Envelope sheets are perfect if you want to make the perfect hotel-style bed. Hotel beds usally have perfect, tight sheets that fit perfectly on the mattresses – the kind of result you get from using fitted envelope sheets. Fresh, white envelope sheets, which you can then match with lots of different kinds of satin pillows and duvet covers, are the perfect start for getting that luxurious hotel style.

    Just like with other sheets and bedclothes, it's important to clean them regularly and have fresh sheets. Wash your envelope sheets at 60 degrees to avoid dust mites. It's a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning your sheets regularly – something which is both important and which will make you happy, since there's not much that beats snuggling down in a fresh, soft bed with lovely, newly washed bedsheets.


    Generally speaking, when it comes to bedroom textiles, it's a good idea to think about quality instead of quantity. Bedroom textiles should be durable, and should retain their shape even after repeated washes. It can be a good idea to spend that little bit extra and get a sheet which has a longer lifespan. You don't usually need many – a couple, or maybe three, is enough. When you have a few, you can change them regularly. As long as you have something to make the bed with again when it's a wash day, you'll go far. Of course, you don't need to compromise between aesthetics and functionality either. In our selection, you'll find beautiful fitted sheets that are both high-quality and comfortable. Welcome in to our selection. Here you'll find new envelope sheets that will improve your sleep!