Spruce up your table with a stylish tablecloth! A tablecloth is great for everyday use as well as dinner parties and is a simple way to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. A tablecloth also protects the delicate surface of your table and minimises the damage caused by cutlery. In our selection you'll find rectangular, square and round tablecloths in all sorts of materials and colours. A round tablecloth is probably the most traditional. Are you looking for a lovely patterned or modern and stylish creased tablecloth? Let us inspire you!

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    Showing 28 products

    Tablecloths – Tasteful textiles for both weekday dinners and parties

    Do you want a round tablecloth? Or what about one that's more rectangular? Regardless of which you're looking for, decorative textiles like tablecloths make it fun and easy to spruce up your home. Do you like it when a laid table looks a bit lively? We certainly do. Then you should definitely get a tablecloth! With the right tablecloth, you have the basis of a perfectly laid table. In other words, a tablecloth works like an artist's canvas. Laying a table so that it is all of beautiful, exciting, dynamic, fashionable and cool at once is as much a work of art as painting an oil painting. Don't you think so? Let your imagination flow, and don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to laying your table!

    Easy to find the right style

    Tablecloths come in all kinds of colours and styles, so there's something for everybody. What's more, lots of tablecloths work no matter how you lay the table. Whether you're laying the table for a dinner party, a children's party, or just for your monday evening meal, there are lots of tablecloths that work for everything. Among our range of tablecloths you'll find a little of everything. We have tablecloths that work as well for the kitchen table as they do for the dining table. If you want your tablecloth for another kind of table, then go for it!

    Trends make decorative textiles even more exciting

    Decorative textiles are fun for several different reasons. For example, they are both practical and cool. They're also good since you can get a lot for your money, and they're versatile as you can move them around to different rooms to get a new look, if you want to. This is especially true of tablecloths. If you find a favourite tablecloth, why not use it in different rooms for different tables? That way, you can reuse your tablecloth in several different ways, and that's always fun!

    Give your kitchen a new look with a tablecloth

    Not so long ago, using tablecloths was a lot more common. Recently, more stylistically simple, minimalistic and "industrial" interior design has become more fashionable, and people have used textiles less and less as a result. This just makes it even more fun when decorative textiles come back into fashion. These days, combining minimalism with a slightly more extravagant and bold style is very fashionable. This can, for example, easily be achieved using a white tablecloth and kitschy candlesticks from a second hand market, or big, snazzy flowers in a loud vase.

    A beautiful harmony on your laid table

    Some decorative details are more fun than others, and different decorative details give different feelings to a home. With a tablecloth, you create a pleasant atmosphere, a soft impression and a beautiful harmony both on your laid table and for the whole room. We recommend buying a few different tablecloths in different styles, since it's both fashionable and attractive. That way, you've got a few different choices, which is nice.

    Perfect for a worn-out table

    A nice tablecloth can be used to cover a worn-out table. If you've got a table that you're very fond of, but which could really do with a face-lift, then you can use a tablecloth until you've found the time to renovate the table by sanding or painting it. For some people, a new tablecloth in and of itself is enough fro the old table to look good again. Or maybe you like the legs on your table, but not the tabletop? Then a tablecloth works perfectly in that situation too!

    Create a party atmosphere with a tablecloth

    It's always nice to find different ways to spruce up your home, and what could bring more of a party atmosphere than a nice new tablecloth? A nice way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend is using your tablecloth as soon as Friday comes around. It's a symbol that the weekend has come, and that it's time for relaxation. There's a lot you can do to make the various rooms of your home look refined. We think that decorative textiles in general, and tablecloths specifically, are a great way to do exactly that. So we think everybody should try having a tablecloth, even if they haven't had one before – give it a go!

    Create your unique style with kitchen textiles

    It's pretty easy to give your home your own, personal touch, but obviously there are some aspects of interior design that are easier than others. For example, it's often easier to find a couple of tablecloths that you like than it is to find the perfect armchair, sofa, bed or tiles. It's the small details which give your home its feeling, and creating your own style with kitchen textiles is both fun and vital for your wellbeing at home. Experiment a little, and see what works for you. Do you want a long tablecloth, or do you just want it to cover the tabletop? You won't know until you've given it a try!