Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the some of the questions we hear most frequently

Please feel free to ring our customer services on 020 3318 0530 if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

General questions

Product questions:

General questions

Do you offer any discount on bulk purchases?
If your company wishes to buy a large number of our products, we can make a quotation. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer services at Name which product or type of product (so that we can help with making suitable suggestions), and let us also know the latest date by which you need your order.

What do I do if I want to return my order?
Answer: When you send the products back to us you must pay the return postage yourself and it cannot be refunded. Remember to package the product properly so that they don’t break on the way back. You can buy a return postage label by -clicking here-

If the products are unopened you will receive the entire sum (including the postage you paid when you ordered). If the products are opened or not in a new condition, we have the right to retain some of the refund to compensate for the loss in value.

What’s the easiest way to find what I’m looking for?
If you are, for example, looking for a black frame in 20x30 cm, there are three different ways you can choose it, depending on what is easiest for you. You can use the search bar, search among the different sub-categories, or use our filter function.

The easiest way is to go to the right product category and apply filters until you find the product you are looking for. You can do this by looking at the menu on the left, and in this case choose “Picture Frames”. Then you will see our whole frame range and be able to filter such things as “colour” and “picture size”, all helping you find exactly what you are looking for!

How long are your delivery times?
Answer: All orders which are placed before 15.00 on weekdays are packed the same day, provided we have the product in stock. Normal delivery time is 2-4 working days.

I have questions about a product
Answer: If you think feel anything is unclear or want to know more about one of our products you are welcome to email, or ring our customer services on 020 3318 0530, and we’ll be glad to help.

I have questions about my invoice
Answer: All of our invoices for private individuals are done by Klarna. You can find their homepage at
If your question is about a company invoice, you can reach our customer services on 020 3318 0530.

I can’t find a product on your web shop. Can you help me?
Answer: We try to have a range that is as complete as possible, but unfortunately we can’t stock everything. If there is a particular something you are missing please ask us. We always try to help out and find exactly what you’re looking for.

I am missing an invoice / I need a copy of my invoice
Answer: All of our invoices for private individuals are done by Klarna. You can find their homepage at your question is about a company invoice, you can reach our customer services on 020 3318 0530.

I want to work with you! – What do I do?
Are you a blogger or writer who likes to tell your readers about exciting new products? We think it’s great when people write about our photo frames, posters and other products! And if you want to use any of our pictures, our photographers will be very pleased so long as you attribute them to us and also provide a link to our web shop

Press pictures
For high-resolution pictures it is possible to contact us, and we will send you the material as soon as we can.

Review our products or arrange competitions
If you want to test or review one of our products we will happily send one to you for free. If you are organising a competition or an event, we can assist with nice prizes.

Send an email to with a description of yourself and the platform you work with. Regarding that, hearing about your visitor numbers is of course of extra interest to us.

Can all your picture frames be hung vertically and horizontally?
Yes, all picture frames (unless clearly stated in the product description that they can’t, but that’s only a small minority of frames) have wall attachments to set them up in both horizontal and vertical format. So, if your picture is for example 70x50, it will fit perfectly well in a picture frame that is 50x70.

Can I change or cancel my order?
When you have completed your order it isn’t, in most cases, possible to change or cancel it, as we pick and put together orders round the clock. If you have received a shipping confirmation then it won’t be possible to make any changes. Otherwise, you can always try emailing our customer services at They will try to help you as best they can. You are, of course, always welcome to return your order when you have actually received your products.

Discount code, what is that?
It is a letter- and number-combination or a word which applies a discount to your order. Our discount codes are sent out occasionally via social media or newsletters, and have limited applicability. Ordinarily we don’t use discounts. If you have a discount code, you probably know about it already. Otherwise, you can skip this square. Unfortunately, we don’t dispense discount codes upon request.

What is the difference between posters and prints?
We describe the same product in several ways, in order to make our product descriptions more reader-friendly. In principle, there is no difference between posters and prints. What we mean is something printed on paper, such as photography or graphical drawings. The types of paper can be of different quality, glossy or matt, and varying thickness. The material which the poster is printed on is most often described in the product description. If anything is unclear, please feel free to get in touch with our customer services for more information.

Product questions

Developing pictures -What paper should I choose?
With us, you can choose between 6 different types of paper, all with slightly different uses and aims. The following are the types of paper you can choose between:

Standard - Photo Luster 260 g
This is our standard paper which works well for all kinds of pictures, and it is our obvious go-to when you want a simple enlargement to frame. The paper comes from Hahnemühle, a world-leader in photo paper, and it has a half-glossy surface.

Standard - Photo Glossy 290 g
Total-gloss photo paper from Hahnemühle which gives your pictures a sheeny surface - a format which is unsuitable for use with a mount as total-gloss pictures tend to get stuck in the glass. A perfect choice when you want to have total-gloss pictures for putting in a photo album or other places without a picture frame.

Fine Art - Bamboo 290 g
The world’s first Fine Art paper which is made of bamboo fiber. Gives your pictures a unique feeling which works especially well for warm and black and white pictures. Perfect with a mount.

Fine Art - Photo Rag 308 g
Artists’ paper made of 100% cotton. It makes Photo Rag one of the most popular choices for enlargements with high art quality. The beautiful, smooth surface and feel with Photo Rag makes this paper very versatile, and it is ideal for printing of both black and white and photography, giving an impressive depth to all types of pictures.

Fine Art - German Etching 310 g
White artists’ paper with a finely structured surface made of 100% alpha cellulose. One of the world’s most popular kinds of paper for art and photography.

Poster paper 250 g
A simple paper which works well for posters and simple text printing.The paper has a matt surface. It is unsuitable for photography.

Do you make bespoke mounts?
Yes, we do. We have a large offering of colours and you can make an order quickly and smoothly via our website. The only thing you need to provide are the outer and inner measurements. Click here för mer information.

Do you make bespoke picture frames?
Answer: Yes, we do. In our range you’ll find over 200 different kinds of frame, and you can order directly from our website. All frames are produced in our own workshop by our expert staff. Click here för att beställa din egna måttbeställda ram.

Do you make bespoke mirrors?
Yes, we do. We have a large offering of good frames which work excellently with mirrors. Click here for more information.

How do I mount my pictures on a mount?
Answer: We strongly recommend that you use an acid-free mounting tape, since ordinary tape has the risk of damaging the picture, and often falls off after a time. You should only affix your pictures with mounting tape on the upper edge of the picture, against the mount. This works so that the picture can “breathe” and last longer.

How do I know what size of picture fits in your picture frames?
Answer: All ordinary frames are named according to the following pattern: "Soul White 10x15 cm". "Soul white" is what the picture frame is called, and the measurement 10x15 cm is how big a picture can be put in the frame. Pay attention, however, to the fact that circa 2-3 mm of the picture won’t be visible in the picture frame, as it disappears behind the frame’s borders.

Is the glass included in the picture frames?
Answer: For 98% of all our picture frames, ordinary glass is included. For other picture frames the glass is replaced with plexiglass. In cases where the ordinary glass isn’t included, we write it clearly in the product description.

Can your frames be hung by a steel wire?
Answer: Mounting frames with a steel wire or rope can feel simple and flexible, however this is not always a good alternative. This may cause the pressure to be unevenly distributed throughout the frame that the glass could crack. Therefore, we advise against using wire or rope for frames which are provided with wall brackets that are intended for hanging.

However, there are exceptions where mounting frames with a wire or rope is preferable, and in these cases we will provide a wire that you can use. A simple rule of thumb when it comes to mounting a purchased frame from us: if there is no wire included - do not use steel wire or rope when hanging up the frame.

Can I get my pictures framed and finished with you?
Answer: Yes, we can help you with that. You can find our range of picture frames with which we also offer framing directly via the internet here.

Can you make bespoke collage mounts?
Answer: Yes, we can help you with that. Come into our nearest branch or contact our customer services for more information. We have a computer-driven mount cutter, which means that we can do practically everything in the process of creating and customising your mount. Your imagination is the limit. Regardless of whether you want a mount with 20 aperture, or maybe just 2 which are also oval-shaped, we can help you.

Claim - My product is broken. What do I do?
Answer: Contact our customer services and attach your customer information and a picture of the broken product. Within 1 working day you will receive a reply and approval of your claim. We will then send out a new product immediately.

Do you sell reflection-free glass?
Yes, we do. Our reflection-free glass is made of the renowned "Gro Glass" and has a reflection factor of just 1%. Furthermore, the glass offers protection from damaging UV-light. It is sold tailor-made and you can find it here.

What are the differences between the different types of glass in the picture frames?
Float glass has UV-protection of 40-45%, and has slightly better light properties, and a smoother surface, than normal glass. Plexiglass is a type of transparent acrylic plastic. Anti-reflection glass is glass which has been treated so that the subject in your picture frame won’t disappear behind reflections from, for example, lamps or daylight.

What is meant by the “glossiness” of the picture frame?
Answer: We use “glossiness” to describe whether the picture frame is glossy or matt. We use three levels: High gloss/Glossy/Matt, in order to give you a better feeling for how the picture frame looks. Please note that the glossiness can vary slightly between different picture frames within the three levels, depending on the frame’s material and colour.

What is meant when it says that a photo album has "100 pages"?
Answer: It means that the album has 50 sheets (where you can put pictures on both the front and the back), which means in turn that there are 100 pages, which corresponds to 50 sheets.

What’s the difference between a frame, a picture frame, and a photo frame?
Answer: There is essentially no difference between these terms, but we use several different names to describe the same kind of product, making the text on our site more reader-friendly. What all of them mean is something which is for framing a photograph, a poster or a painting. The material that the picture frame is made of is not indicated in the choice of name for describing the product. If you have any queries about how you should choose a picture frame, our customer services team will be happy to answer your questions.

What is glassine paper?
Answer: It is a thin, white silk-paper which is inserted between photo album sheets to protect the pictures from scratches and leftover glue. Discovering that two album sheets have become stuck due to leftover glue is not a fun experience. Glassine paper makes the album a little more expensive, but gives your pictures extra protection.

Why doesn’t the product picture show the same size as the picture frame I am looking to buy?
Answer: This is because many of our frames exist in numerous sizes, meaning that we unfortunately can’t take pictures of all the sizes that exist.

Under the heading “Good to know”, furthest down in the product description, you will find information about the picture frame’s picture dimensions/inner measurements. There you will also find out how broad and deep the picture frame’s cross-section is. This makes it easy for you to get an understanding of exactly how the picture frame you want will look.

What size frames do you have in your range?
Answer: We have 85 different sizes in the frames in our standard range. Here below you can see all of our sizes. We also make bespoke picture frames if you don’t find what you’re looking for in our wide range.

Square frames
7x7 cm9x9 cm10x10 cm12x12 cm13x13 cm15x15 cm18x18 cm20x20 cm24x24 cm25x25 cm30x30 cm32x32 cm40x40 cm50x50 cm60x60 cm65x65 cm70x70 cm80x80 cm90x90 cm100x100 cm

Rectangular frames
6x9 cm7x9 cm9x12 cm9x13 cm10x12 cm10x13 cm10x15 cm10x20 cm11x15 cm13x17 cm13x18 cm13x19,5 cm14x18 cm15x20 cm15x21 cm (A5)15x22 cm15x23 cm18x24 cm20x25 cm20x28 cm20x30 cm20x60 cm21x29,7 cm (A4)21x30 cm22,7x50 cm24x30 cm25x35 cm25x38 cm25x50 cm25x70 cm27x35 cm28x35 cm29,7x42 cm (A3)30x40 cm30x45 cm30x90 cm30x91 cm32,9x48,3 cm (A3+)33x95 cm35x50 cm35x100 cm40x50 cm40x60 cm40x100 cm42x59,4 cm (A2)42x70 cm45x60 cm50x56 cm50x60 cm50x65 cm50x70 cm50x75 cm50x100 cm56x71 cm58x100 cm59,4x84 cm (A1)60x80 cm60x90 cm61x91,5 cm (Posters)70x90 cm70x94 cm70x100 cm80x120 cm84,1x118,9 cm (A0)100x140 cm