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Give your home the warm feeling only a velvet curtain can add! Here at BGASTORE.UK you’ll find a large selection of curtains in thick velvet fabric. Our velvet curtains are timelessly designed and hang beautifully in all kinds of homes. The smooth short cut fibre surface dampens echoes and protects against noise from outside. Our velvet curtain lengths are available in a variety of lovely colours and look equally as beautifully hanging in the children's bedroom as in the living room. Welcome to BGASTORE.UK when you are looking for trendy curtains in velvet.

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    There's something extra special about heavy curtains in a thick material. They frame a room stylishly and give it that special atmosphere that only an exclusive curtain with a luxurious design can give. Curtains in velvet are made of thick fabric and truly beautiful. Velvet curtains have a very smooth, soft feel to them thanks to their short pile. The beautiful fabric is very aesthetically pleasing and also has a lot of practical advantages.


    Velvet curtains are good for lots of different reasons, and as well as being very attractive in a room, they serve many different functions. The primary purpose of a velvet curtain isn't necessarily to darken a room, but velvet curtains can indeed darken a space a little because they're made of heavier material and don't let in as much light. For that reason, they work especially well in bedrooms, as there you sometimes want to be able to darken the space and prevent light getting in easily. Velvet curtains also work well in the living room, where it's be nice to be able to block the light a little if, for example, you want to watch TV during the daytime. Curtains that block the light prevent you from being disturbed by the sunlight being reflected by the TV. How darkening a curtain is usually depends on the weaving technique that was used to make the curtain. The soft, smooth surface of a velvet curtain makes the curtain a little heavier, which can have a soundproofing effect. A thicker curtain can help keep unwanted sounds out and make the room quieter. This can be nice at nighttime if you live in the city centre or have a lot of neighbours, for example. It's also nice that velvet curtains provide a certain level of privacy.


    There are curtains with different weights, and those weights can be measured in gsm. Gsm is a measurement that basically refers to the weight of a square metre of the curtain fabric. That is, the higher the gsm, the heavier the curtain. An extra heavy curtain, for example a 300 gsm one, falls very beautifully. The weight makes the curtain fall to the floor heavily and gives it an especially luxurious look. If you choose a lighter curtain, the curtain can look lighter and like it's floating. So what weight of curtain you should go for depends on what effect you want.


    Velvet curtains have a really beautiful shine, and the best thing about them is that they're available in so many different styles, so there's something to suit everyone. We don't think you should have to opt out of having velvet curtains just because you can't find exactly the colour you're looking for. In our range, you'll find everything from beige velvet curtains to black velvet curtains and classic white velvet curtains. If you're looking for something more colourful, you'll of course find that, too. Maybe it's a pair of pink or dark green curtains you're looking for to bring a lovely splash of colour into your home? Choose between lots of different colours in our large but carefully selected range of beautiful velvet curtains.


    Not only are there different colours to choose from, but there are also lots of different hanging methods on velvet curtains. Velvet curtains with eyelets are a handy choice because they're very easy to hang. Eyelet curtains in velvet are easily threaded onto a curtain rod, making them easy to replace, and you can easily adjust the way eyelet curtains hang on the rod by drawing them slightly more together or apart. Velvet curtains with eyelets are therefore very easy to hang, as all you need is a curtain rod and you're all but done. It also means that velvet curtains are very easy to replace and swap out for others, as there's basically no work involved in putting them up and taking them down. They're also easy to draw across the window so work perfectly in rooms where you sometimes want to be able to block out the light easily, for example if you want to take an afternoon nap and the sun's shining brightly into the room. It is important to keep in mind, however, that eyelet curtains only fit on curtain rods and can't be used for ceiling rails.


    Another option is multiband velvet curtains. Multiband curtains are a handy option because they allow many different hanging techniques in one curtain, so you get more variety. If a curtain is multiband, it means it can be hung in several different ways, directly on the rod with hoops, with finger hooks or with wrinkle band hooks/ needle hooks. This means that multiband curtains fit on both curtain rods and curtain rails, depending on which option you go for. If you choose a rail, you get a greater opportunity for variety in how high up you hang the curtain. Some people like to hang their curtains from the ceiling, which gives that truly luxurious and exclusive feel at home, especially with a pair of velvet curtains. Go ahead and check out our velvet curtains in different colours and with different hanging methods to find the velvet curtains that fit best in your home!