Tablecloth Weights


When you have the perfect table setting, it’s a relief to know that everything will stay in its proper place. And for that you need a set of tablecloth weights!

Tablecloth weights help you dine alfresco without having to worry that the summer breeze will disturb your tablecloth and everything you have carefully placed on it. Even inside your home, tablecloth weights help secure a lighter tablecloth and prevent it from sliding around. Whether you’re dining inside or outside, tablecloth weights are a must for your table setting!

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    Small accessories are often what give your table setting that little extra and stylish accessories often impress your dinner guests. A tablecloth weight is a good example of an accessory that is easily forgotten and one that you don’t always think you need but it can actually be very necessary to have some close at hand when you lay the table.

    Once you’ve set the table, it’s nice to know that everything will remain in place throughout the meal and tablecloth weights can help with this. People often use a tablecloth and they are seen by many as an essential part of a table setting. A tablecloth protects, enhances and acts as a perfect base. With a tablecloth, you can make any table setting inviting and give it a festive feeling. But during a dinner, it’s not uncommon for tablecloths, especially those in lighter fabrics, to get rucked up when things are moved around on the table, maybe end up crooked and hanging untidily. Using tablecloth weights, you can distribute weight evenly on all four corners of the fabric and help prevent this. You can even use them on table runners. If you are using a table runner which is longer than the table itself, you can use tablecloth weights to help keep the table runner central on the table.

    Tablecloth weights are often intended for outdoor use but function equally well indoors so that you’ll always be sure that your tablecloth will stay securely positioned on your table. With tablecloth weights in elegant designs, you can add a coordinated and stylish detail to your table setting that suits both indoor dining and afternoon tea on the terrace.


    A tablecloth weight consists on a weight attached to a clip which you fasten onto the corner of your tablecloth. By evenly distributing the weight on all four corners, the tablecloth lays flat across the table and is kept neatly in position.

    Tablecloth weights come in a variety of designs and shapes so you can choose whatever weights you prefer. There are tablecloth weights in so many different styles that, no matter what you like, you’ll find something to suit you. Maybe it’ll be a couple of bohemian tablecloth weights in jute that match nicely with a linen tablecloth in beige and look perfect in a modern home. Or a pair of cloth weights in stone to match an industrial and modern interior design style? You can choose to match your tablecloth weights with different textiles to emphasise the feeling and style you’re looking for in your home. If you want to be a bit creative you could buy different weights to hang on the corners of your tablecloth. Perhaps you could choose weights of the same material but in different colours and spice up your table setting giving it that little extra.


    As already stated, tablecloth weights are often used outdoors. When you’re setting the table so you can make the most of the outdoors during the summer, tablecloth weights are perfect. It is always nice to be able to enjoy a meal outside even if sometimes it’s a bit windy but it can become a nightmare if the fresh summer breeze blows the tablecloth away taking with it all the food, drinks and crockery. Then your beautifully set table quickly becomes a chaotic mess instead. With tablecloth weights, you can prevent this from happening and enjoy a delicious meal outdoors in peace. You also don’t have to worry about the edges of the tablecloth flapping up and landing in the food on your plate. This keeps your food safely on your plate and protects your tablecloth from unwanted stains. They’re perfect for garden furniture whether it’s on the patio, the decking or a balcony. Tablecloth weights are suitable for both large and small tablecloths and keeps them in the right place regardless of size.


    Even though tablecloth weights are incredibly useful, they are also something that many people may lack in their home. They can therefore make the perfect present. Bringing a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine to a dinner party is pretty standard but when you have been to lots of dinner parties, you might want to bring something a little more interesting. In that case, it can be fun to select a few nice little accessories for setting the table, including tablecloth weights, that the hosts can use next time they invite someone to dinner.


    A nice table setting is not only something for dinner parties and celebrations. It can, of course, also make everyday evening meals much more pleasant. Choose your textiles carefully and don’t forget accessories such as tablecloth weights. It’ll make your table setting more personal and inviting! Having an inviting table setting will make your guests not want to leave the table and make the whole dining experience nicer! It will also be lovely to enjoy a good dinner or a nice cup of coffee sat on the garden furniture knowing that the tablecloth weights are there and doing their job on all corners of the tablecloth.