Protect your table from unsightly rings and stains from glasses and simultaneously get an added design feature for your table setting with stylish coasters.

Stylish coasters are great whether it’s for everyday use at breakfast or for a Friday night dinner setting and are best kept where you can easily reach them. Choose some really nice coasters so that you’ll want to keep them on display on your table!

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    When you find something for your home that you really love, you want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Tables are a type on furniture that get used a lot and can easily become damaged. There are so many different types of table that we use in our homes. We prepare food at the kitchen table, we eat dinner at the dining table, we have desks we work or study at and we have coffee tables in our living rooms. These are all items that we use often, if not every day, and we regularly have a drink with us when we use them. Most people enjoy drinking a cup of tea or coffee while they work and many of us keep a glass of water on our bedside table overnight but these glasses and mugs can easily leave stains or rings behind. It is important to take care of your furniture and prevent this kind of damage. Using interior design details such as coasters, which are both functional and stylish, you can protect your furniture and, at the same time, add an elegant design detail to your home.

    After a lovely dinner party or a family celebration, it can be really upsetting to discover that some of your furniture has been damaged. Ugly marks that just won’t come off can be an unpleasant reminder of an otherwise lovely occasion. Cold drinks often leave marks when condensation forms on the outside and runs down the glass or sometimes people spill just a little that clings to the bottom of the glass. Even hot cups of tea or coffee can leave marks from heat damage. Having some coasters already on the table or nearby encourages people to use them. They are also a quick and easy way to accessorise your table as well as a practical way to protect it.


    As part of our collection, we are proud to present our coasters made of 100% jute. Jute is a natural material which gives a rustic and earthy feel to your interior. Jute is both durable and recyclable making it a good choice from an environmental perspective. Choosing coasters made from durable materials is important as they must be able to withstand regular use as well as the occasional spillage. Jute is also a very attractive material! Jute coasters can be combined with kitchen textiles in linen and napkin rings in jute to enhance the natural earthy style even further.


    It’s always fun to add a bit of colour to your interior and, if you’re looking for coasters in more colourful shades, you’ve come to the right place. When setting the table, it’s fun and easy to add some more colour. Will you choose some lovely green coasters or perhaps some neutral beige ones instead? Either way, they’ll contribute to an elegant setting. With colourful coasters you have the option to express yourself by coordinating your coasters with other features in your room. Let’s face it, many of us regularly eat dinner at the coffee table whilst watching TV so, whether you’re eating dinner or serving drinks, having a few coasters cleverly matched to your sofa cushions adds a touch of class to your room. Small details which tie your interior together like this can give your home a unique personal style and a professional design quality.


    To protect your surfaces and furniture, it’s a good idea to keep coasters in all the rooms where you would normally serve drinks. It can, however, be annoying when you have coasters but they still don’t get used. To avoid this, we recommend that you buy some coasters that really appeal to you and leave them on display. If the coasters are right there when people are served drinks, they are much more likely to grab one before putting down the glass. Alternatively, you could store your coasters together with the glasses themselves. Keep some in the cupboard right next to the wine glasses so it becomes automatic to take one when you take a glass.


    When you’re setting the table for a dinner party, coasters can give your table a little extra lift. This can be achieved through colour-matching, as mentioned earlier, but also through contrasting colours. Coasters can be a really nice addition to your table. It doesn’t matter if you like to add lots of details in your decorating or if you prefer a more minimalistic approach, coasters are a practical addition to your room. Depending on the way you coordinate your design, you can give your table setting whatever style you’re looking for.