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Surprise your family with a personal family poster! With BGA.UK, the possibilities are endless, and no matter whether it's the family's names, years of birth or favourite words, you'll find the perfect poster here! Our beautiful family pictures with personal print look just as good in the hall as they do in the bedroom or living room. And best of all – everything is unique!

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    Showing 47 products

    A personalised family board

    It is great fun to celebrate big occasions with your family. Showing that these moments are important can be done in different ways and having a personalised family board is just one of all these wonderful ways to show appreciation for each other.

    We have a wide range of personalised family boards, so it is not difficult to find one that suits your family! Check out our selection and choose the one that you think suits you the best. If you want, you can buy a couple of different ones so you can have your personalised family boards displayed in more than one room!

    A great gift!

    Not only is it fun to buy this type of board for oneself, but they are also great to give away as a gift to others. Order a personalised family board for when you next are invited for dinner with friends, acquaintances or relatives and give it as a present instead of wine or flowers. It is more fun and more original and it will be highly appreciated!

    We have many different family boards so it does not matter much what kind of interior style the family has. We have a suitable personalised family board for each family! Make sure you know the exact spelling of the different family members' names, but actually it doesn't matter if the gift has one name misspelled. It will only be a source for some great laughs!

    Try this out and give it as a gift once to see if it feels like the right thing to do. We are pretty sure that once you have given away a present like this, you will want all your friends to get this gift!

    Which one should I choose?

    Not knowing exactly which style to choose is not awkward, rather the opposite. It's understandable that it requires some time and thoughts. We all like different things and that's why it is important to take some time to ensure you choose a style that goes well with the home of the family that you're giving the personalised family board to.

    If you are organising this gift for your own family, then it is not that difficult. Then it is just a matter of choosing the one you think is the best. When you want to give a personalised family board to another family, however, it can be a little trickier. Should you go for a style that you like yourself, or should you choose one that you think that family will like?

    The best way to handle this is to find a good balance between your own style and the style of the people you are giving it to. That's definitely a winning solution!

    Which size should I go for?

    We have personalised family boards in many different sizes, which is great for a couple of reasons. One being that people may have space for a larger size while others can only fit in a smaller size. Another reason is that some people prefer to hang the family board in a hallway while others rather hang it in a room or in the kitchen.

    Furthermore, some sizes are better suited for families with many family members, while others are better suited for smaller families. You can see this clearly here in the store, as we have created some examples for you to consider. Check out what a personalised family board with the same, or roughly the same, number of family members looks like, and make your choice based on this.

    You don't have to put the parents' names at the top and then each child in order of age. You can of course start with the youngest or in whatever order you like. Just tell us how you want it and your wish will be our command!

    Where to place a personalised family board?

    It is of course entirely up to you where you want to place your personalised family board, but many choose to have it in the hallway as it is the first room you come to as you enter the home. It is a really nice feeling to be met by a personalised family board as you come through the door, whether it be in your own home or if you come as a guest to someone else's house.

    You can also be a little creative and, for example, place a personalised family board in a child's room if they have pets. If, for example, there is an aquarium in the child's room, you can make a personalised family picture board for the fish. It's a great gift for the kids!

    Affordable price combined with good quality

    The products we sell are both of high quality and affordable price. This is a great winning combo because our customers get the best of both worlds.

    Simply choose the one you like and place it in the shopping cart. We will create it exactly the way you want it. When it's ready, it will be sent straight to your home. Simple as that!