Green picture frames

Green is great, everybody knows that. But do you dare to go the whole hog and choose a green picture frame for your images? Let a green frame amplify your image of the same colour, or brighten up an image with more discreet colours.

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    Showing 38 products

    Green frames

    Green frames, whether it is a green picture frame or any other green frame, suit both black and white subjects and more colourful images. Green is a calming colour and often used in the home either for decor or in house plants. If you don't already have green represented in your colour scheme, then it's actually a great idea to introduce some green through picture frames. It will add some natural harmony to your home.

    Choosing a frame?

    Sometimes It's hard to figure out which picture frame is best suited to a specific image. As the choice of frame can make a big difference, we recommend you spend a little extra time matching our green picture frames to your subject, to find the best pairing. You can discover new favourites as you browse, and add them to your possible choices for adding a fresh twist to your home decor. More options is always better!

    Some photos and images can easily be trimmed to fit in a smaller frame. If you photo is smaller than your frame, the problem can easily be fixed by placing a nice background paper behind the photo. Another great idea is to insert a piece of wallpaper behind the image in a large green frame.

    Mixing green picture frames with frames of other colours - a neat twist

    Green is a colour that goes very well together with, for example, black, grey, brown, purple and so on. You may not immediately think that green will balance well with other colours, but give it a try. You will be surprised!

    Since green balances so well with things in general, a green picture frame will work perfectly with most motifs. Most images stand out when framed in a green picture frame, or a green photo frame. Just try it for fun! You will be guaranteed to be impressed by the magic of the colour green!

    Green is never out of fashion

    Buying a green picture frame is a lifelong investment. Green never goes out of fashion and it goes well with everything. Perhaps it's not that surprising that many posters have a splash of green in them.

    Many people choose to have green in the bedroom, which is something we recommend as well! It is beautiful, calming and elegant. With different shades of green represented in the interior, other colours will stand out even more. Placing a few green picture frames in a room will amplify the whole space!