All you need to know about mounts

Using mounts for your framed pictures is very popular today. It is maybe not so strange, because using a mount has several advantages. 

Square black mount

The biggest advantage is that the framed picture has a professional and elegant feel compared with just putting the picture in an ordinary frame. Furthermore, the mount protects your pictures from getting stuck on the glass.

What is a mount?
A mount is a piece of cardboard which is used in combination with the frame to give the image a beautiful framing. The mount accentuates your picture a little more and protects it against ageing, as the picture doesn't come in direct contact with the glass. It is important that you use a ph-neutral mount in order to avoid unnecessary damages to the picture or artwork.

Collage mountsOval mount

When is it suitable to use a mount?
Actually, you could turn that question around: when isn't it suitable to use a mount? A mount is exceptionally suitable for all scenarios when you want to draw attention to your picture. As mentioned above, the mount accentuates the picture and makes it even more visible. This contributes, furthermore, to a better harmony between the picture frame and picture. If you have similar colours in the image and on the picture frame, then it can be very aesthetic to use a white mount to really draw focus to the picture.

Mounts can be used for oval, square and rectangular pictures. There are, furthermore, mounts for both individual pictures and for photo collages.

What colour should the mount have?
When you start looking for a mount, you will notice that there are loads of colours to choose from. With us, you'll find all from the classic white and black mounts to the lovely modern alternatives in colours like red, blue, green, yellow and pink.

Tasteful pink mount

We recommend that you choose a colour which fits both the picture, the picture frame and the rest of your decor. If your home has simple, neat colours like white, black and grey, then white and silver mounts work perfectly. If you have a more colourful home, a colour-rich mount can work well, especially in the children's room, where you want to liven things up with nice colours.

A white mount can also work well with powerfully coloured decor, by standing out in an attractive way that really frames the subject. There are, however, not really any rules regarding what works. Sometimes, a colourful mount can act as an extra splash of colour that helps a beautiful picture reach its full potential.

Most usually choose a mount in a white shade in order to accentuate photographs. One should, however, use a coloured mount to frame a certificate, an old letter, or the like. If the image is light, then it is plainly more attractive and more striking to use a coloured mount.


How big should the mount be?
The size of the mount depends on what you personally consider to be aesthetic. The most common size is an edge of four to six centimetres. These measurements usually work for all kinds of images and give a good effect. You can, of course, use mounts with edges that are shorter or longer than 4-6 cm. In reality, it's just a matter of taste.

Yellow mount

Blue mount

If you have a relatively large picture frame with a smaller photo, it can be very aesthetic to use a broad, white mount that automatically directs all attention to the picture. If the picture is a tad too small for the picture frame, you can fill out the empty space with a nice, thin mount.

We even make bespoke mounts so that you can decide for yourself the colour and inner and outer measurements respectively.