Decorating the laundry room

Are you looking for decoration for the laundry room? Maybe you've renovated the room completely and are looking eagerly for the last details in the decor; Or do you just want to spruce up a place that really needs it just now? We know, the laundry room maybe isn't the home's most inspiring room, but it's possible to make the laundry room more inspirational – here are a few tips!

Having things in order

A general tip for pleasant yet practical decor in the laundry room is, essentially, to make it as well-organised as possible. In addition to the machines and a generous work surface, there should also be place for things such as storage of dirty, clean and folded clothes respectively, as well as all the many accessories that are needed in a laundry room. Without well-thought-out storage, it can quickly become chaotic. Things like washing detergent, clothes pegs, brushes and other laundry-related objects aren't really so decorative and nice to have lying around. Storage and organisation are, therefore, paramount when it comes to the basics of decorating your laundry room. Large baskets, small baskets, boxes, shelves, cupboards and curtains – we recommend anything that can make your laundry room more organised.

Those were some basic tips for decorating the laundry room – now we'll go into the details a little! Those last pieces of the puzzle to be placed when you've renovated your laundry room, or those small ways to spruce up even the dreariest of laundry rooms. 

Attractive posters

It's no secret that a room feels cosier and more complete with pictures or posters, and this applies even to the laundry room. Choose posters with colour schemes that match your decor, and set a theme that runs throughout the room. Or, if you want to find something that works specifically for laundry rooms, maybe nice water-themed photo posters could be the thing?

Blue posters - Posters with water and wavesFrom left: 1. Waves // 2. Blue Ocean

These stylish posters with patent drawings of old washing machines are also good choices for the laundry room!

Posters with patent drawings for washing machines

From left: 1. Patent Print - Washing Machine – White // 2. Patent Print – Combined Washing Machine - White

Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors

As a rule, laundry rooms are generally not so spacious, but there is a simple tool that can magically conjure up, at the very least, a feeling of space – the mirror! Round mirrors create a softer and slightly more luxurious feeling, which can be needed in a room as unglamorous as the laundry room.

Round mirror, flowers and lights in bathroomIn the picture: KAILA Round Mirror 70 cm Ø

Green plants

Green is nice – even in the laundry room! Green plants on the work surface or floor are a simple way to create a more harmonious and pleasant environment (providing that they aren't in the way, of course). If you don't have space for plants in your laundry room, one alternative can be posters with plants to hang on the wall.

Poster with palm leaves - poster with cactusFrom left: 1. Pink Pastell Palm // 2. Round Cactus

Posters with laundry instructions

Washing symbols are perhaps not highest up on your list of things to memorise. For that reason, you can give pride of place to a nice poster with washing symbols in your laundry room. Function and a stylish design – in one!

Posters with laundry instructions - decoration in laundry roomFrom left: 1. Washing Guide – White // 2. Washing Guide – Black