How big is a diploma – and which picture frame should I choose?

Have you received a diploma or certificate? Congratulations! It's always something to be proud of, and something that absolutely should have pride of place on the walls of your home or your office. A nice and appropriate picture frame is a given – but how big is a diploma actually, and which picture frame should you choose?

Frame your achievement! Framing your diploma, testimonial or certificate is a fantastic idea. Partly because it's fun to show off, and partly because it's a good way to protect your diploma – and, furthermore, you escape the desperate search in old boxes if and when you need to find it.

Certificate in A4 size

The most common size of a certificate or a diploma is 21x29.7 cm, that is to say, A4. This is because it is simply the most common printing size. To find a suitable picture frame for your A4 format diploma, all you need to do is search for picture frames where that size is mentioned. The size of the picture frame indicates, in other words, which dimensions a suitable image ought to have, not simply the dimensions that the picture frame (including its outer edges) has.

Black picture frame for A4, golden picture frame for A4, wooden picture frame for A4

Certificate in A3 size

Diplomas can also come in the dimensions 29.7x42 cm, that is to say, A3 – twice as big as A4. When you are looking for a picture frame for a diploma in A3 size, the same principle applies: pay attention to the size indicated on the picture frame, which should match the size of your diploma.

Certificate in A5 size

This is not so common, but a diploma or certificate can even come in an A5 format, that is to say, 15x21 cm - half as big as A4. You can find picture frames which suit diplomas in A5 size here.

Mounts for certficates

If you want to create an airy and slightly more luxurious framing for your certificate or diploma, you can complement it with a mount. In this case, you should first choose a mount which fits the size of your diploma, and you should then choose a picture frame depending on the width of the mount. A common picture frame size for A4 images with a mount is 30x40 cm.

How should the picture frame look?

So far we've explained how you should go about finding the right size of picture frame for your diploma. Now for the fun part: the design! There are picture frames for diplomas in all possible kinds of material, colours and styles. Some choose a thin and stylistically simple picture frame, to allow the diploma to stand out. Others choose a very exclusive and grand picture frame, to really accentuate their achievement. You can find the whole of our range of picture frames for diplomas in sizes A4 and A3 here!

Black picture frame for diploma (A4) - golden picture frame for diploma (A4)