Mount a mirror on a concrete wall – this is how to do it!

Putting up a mirror on a concrete wall can feel overwhelming and difficult, especially if you've never done it before. But relax; we'll guide you – step by step!

Nobody's looking for seven years of bad luck, so it's important to ensure that your mirror hangs where it should on a concrete wall. Mirrors are often relatively heavy and therefore, as a rule, need to be fixed onto it with screws and plugs to ensure that they hang securely. With a hard concrete wall, you'll also need a hammer drill.

Hang up a mirror on a concrete wall – step by step

1. Measure where the mirror is going to be placed on the wall

Think of the function of the mirror. That is to say, the possibility of using the mirror's primary function: to see one's reflection. Think also about the mirror's other decorative characteristics, such as its ability to create room and space in a stylish way. It's best to get somebody's help to hold up the mirror at the desired position and height, so that you can get a clear picture of the result. When you find the most optimal position, you should measure and mark the place for the hole.

2. Pre-drill a hole

You need to pre-drill a hole in the concrete wall which accommodates the plug's width and length. Drill so that almost all of the screw goes into the wall.

3. In with the plug

Then, push the plug into the drilled hole. Use a hammer for the last bit if necessary.

4. In with the screw

Screw the screw into the plugged hole with the help of a screwdriver or screw gun. Make sure that the screw goes almost all the way in.

5. Secure the mirror's position

When you hang the mirror on the screw, remember that it should hang tight against the wall and not be loose. If you are hanging the mirror up using steel wire or hanging cables, it may be necessary to shorten them in order that the mirror will hang tight against the wall.

And voila!

Round mirror on a grey wall

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