Mount white, whiter, whitest — a comparison of shade

Ah, so you have decided on a white mount for your painting? An excellent choice that will undoubtedly add style and exclusivity to your framing. However, there are several shades to choose from: are you looking for a very white mount or one with a slightly warmer and softer feel? Here we show the differences in the shade of our different white mounts!

A white mount is a classic and very popular choice that suits almost all types of motifs, picture frames, and interior decoration styles. But as you probably already know, in interior design, there isn't just one shade of white to consider. Our mounts are no exception: here you can choose from three main different shades of white, and, if we include the cream-coloured mount, it's four.

We actually get a lot of questions about this particular subject, the nuance difference between our white mounts. That is why we created this article, to show the people who may be wondering about the differences.

Our different white mounts 

1. Mount Chalk White: Our whitest mount. Suitable when you want that super fresh and exclusive feel for your framing.

2. Mount White: Our second whitest mount. A standard white shade is always a safe bet — regardless of motive!

3. Mount Offwhite: Our third whitest mount with a cream-brown tinge. It's not as brightly white as the two previously mentioned options, and it affords a slightly softer impression.

4. Mount Cream: This mount has a pleasant shade that leans more to a warmer, slightly yellowish direction.

Four different shades for white mountsFrom left: 1. Chalk white // 2 White // 3. Off-white // 4. Cream

Hopefully, you have a little more to go on now before you make your choice of white mount -  here you will find the full range!