Mounting a picture on a concrete wall

Putting up picture frames on concrete walls isn't always the simplest of tasks. Here, we've collected together our tips on how you should do it and what you should think about.

What should I use to hang up items on a concrete wall?

Are you hanging your pictures up on a concrete wall?
Below you will find some tips about what to think of so that you can hang your pictures up in the best possible way.

We sell two different picture hangers for concrete walls - picture hooks and screws/plugs. Everything depends on how heavy the picture you are going to hang up is. There are many different types of concrete, and it is hard to say exactly which hook will work well with your wall. Generally, it can be said that picture hooks work best for lighter pictures, while screws and plugs are most suitable for heavier pictures.

What should I think of before I hang my picture up?

It's best to make sure that you have everything you need before you begin. Measure the place where the picture is going to hang, and make a little mark with a pencil on the wall, so that you can easily see where you're going to put the fixings. The very best thing to do is use a spirit level, so that everything is straight and neat!

Hang pictures up with picture hooks on concrete walls

A picture hook is a plastic hook with pins which you hammer into the wall. Picture hooks come in several different sizes. Using a picture hook is convenient for hanging up lighter pictures, since you won't need to drill into the concrete wall, and the holes will be small. For hanging up picture hooks, all you need is a hammer.

We recommend that you are careful when you hammer in the pins, so that you don't hit the hook itself. If the hook is damaged there is a risk that the pins will come loose from the hook or the wall, and that the hook then loses its strength.

Do it like this:

  • Measure where the hook is going to sit.
  • Hammer the pins slightly beforehand, so that they come a little loose from the plastic in the picture hook, before you put them in the concrete wall.
  • Hold the picture hook by the hook itself, up against the mark that you made in the wall when you did the measurement - the fixing on the back of the picture will then fit snugly on the hook.
  • Hammer the hook into the concrete wall, but be careful that you don't catch the plastic with the hammer!
  • Feel around the hook and make sure that it is sitting properly before you hang up your picture.
  • If you are worried that one hook will be insufficient, it can be beneficial to use two picture hooks and share the picture's weight using both.

Hang pictures up with screws and plugs on concrete walls

If you have pictures that are a little heavier but which you want to hang on concrete walls, we recommend that you use screws and plugs. You will need to drill, and the holes will be bigger, but the picture will hang properly and there won't be a risk of it falling down. In order to hang up pictures with screws and plugs, you will need a drill.

Do it like this:

  • Plug in a brick wallMeasure where the picture is going to sit.
  • When you use screws and plugs for hanging a picture up on a concrete wall, you will need to drill a hole in the concrete beforehand, one which matches the plug's width and length.
  • Make sure to drill so that almost the whole screw goes into the hole.
  • Then, push in the plug. If necessary, use a hammer to get the plug all the way in.
  • Then, put in the screw using either the drill or a screwdriver. The screw should sit almost all the way into the wall.
  • When it is hung up, the picture should not sit loose, but instead, it should sit tight against the wall. If you use fixings with steel wire, wire or cables, you may need to cut them in order for the picture to hang closer to the wall.