Unusually sized pictures - how do I find a picture frame to fit?

Do you have a picture with unusual measurements that you're having difficulty finding a picture frame for? There are plenty of standard sized picture frames but for pictures with uncommon dimensions, you might have trouble finding a picture frame in the size you need. Don't worry, we have the solution!

Solution 1: Made to measure picture frames.

You can order a picture frame with the exact measurements you need. Now you can finally display your unusually shaped pictures with the perfect picture frame. There is something for all tastes in our wide range of bespoke picture frames: stylish black picture frames, elegant white picture frames, picture frames with a feel of nature, exclusive gold picture frames and much more.

How do I order a made to measure picture frame?

It's easy to order a bespoke picture frame. Start by measuring your picture then go into the selection of made to measure picture frames on our internet shop. When you've found a picture frame you like, click on the picture frame product page, fill in the measurements of your picture, choose what glass you want – then simply add the picture frame to your shopping basket and click purchase!

How much does a made to measure picture frame cost?

The price varies depending on which picture frame and glass you choose and the size you need. Our simple tool in our our internet shop helps you work out the cost of each frame. Simply input the measurements you need and which glass you want and see the price immediately.

What's the maximum size of made to measure picture frame available?

For delivery to a service point the maximum size is 70x100 cm. Please note that the maximum size varies from picture frame to picture frame. Find information about each picture frame on the respective product page.

Two black made to measure picture frames with black and white picture

Solution 2: Made to measure mount + standard size picture frame

If you want a cheaper alternative to a made to measure picture frame there is a solution: order a bespoke mount! Choose a standard size picture frame and order a made to measure mount with the same outer measurement as the picture frame. Order a mount with an inner measurement that matches your picture but remember that the inner measurement should be at least 1 centimetre smaller than your picture so there are no gaps.

How do I order a made to measure mount?

Ordering a made to measure mount is simple! Browse our range of made to measure mounts and choose one from our selection of stylish finishes. When you've found a mount you like, click on the product page and fill in the inner measurement you need. Then add the product to your shopping basket and click on purchase.

How much does a made to measure mount cost?

The price depends on the mount you choose and what size you need it in. Fill in the inner and outer measurements on the product page of the mount, and the price for your made to measure mount will immediately come up.

Black made to measure passepartout for a black and white picture frame


… we make bespoke picture frames and mounts in our own workshop. The product is made according to special measurements so you cannot return your purchase.