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We present below our wonderful picture walls & perfect pairs that can inspire you to decorate your home with new pictures from us. Click on the picture to buy everything or parts of the picture wall. If you want to read tips on how you can create a picture wall yourself, we have a guide about how to build your own here »

Picture wall - inspiration and tips!

Here you can find inspiration and tips for a successful picture wall! Our complete packet is developed to give you a neat concept of how your different pictures put together can create an extra effect. If you choose one of our packets, you'll save time that would otherwise be spent trying to match the images and picture frames yourself. In each packet, you'll find some of our most popular posters and picture frames. The pictures are placed in rooms that they are extra well-suited to. The idea is to have examples of picture walls for all possible different interiors and personalities.

Do you have any questions about a packet which already exists, or have you found any other images or picture frames in our range that you would like to make a picture wall out of? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer services! We are very keen that you as a customer receive a personal service and feel yourself properly satisfied with your purchase.

How your picture wall looks is, naturally, completely up to you, but there are some simple guidelines to follow in order for the pictures to become harmonised. We'll begin with some tips on how to set it all up to flow as smoothly as possible.

How you go about it

Picture wall

Put the pictures and the wall decoration on the floor and adjust them until they are lying in the same way that you later want to place them on the wall. Take a picture of them and use that picture as a guide later on. Now we go to the wall. The smoothest way to get straight lines is to use a laser spirit level, but it is, of course, possible to do the measuring with the help of a rope that you fix to the wall with a drawing pin. Always use the screws or nails which are compatible with the wall material. A wooden wall can take nails, while a plaster or concrete wall needs screws with various accompanying expanders.

Getting it all in order

One of the most common ways to go about making a picture wall is to arrange the images in horizontal lines. Decide whether you want a straight line along the upper or lower edges of the pictures, or if you prefer for the line to go through the centre of them. This method works best for medium or large groupings. The result is orderly, symmetrical and stylish!

In a less common variation, you can arrange the pictures in a creative and eye-catching way. Here, you can mix pictures of varying sizes which together create a balanced pattern. In order to achieve an aesthetic whole, you choose picture frames of the same colour. There is, however, merit in experimenting with different forms of picture frame. A similar method involves creating a square or rectangular picture wall with picture frames in the same colour. Here you should instead choose only four-sided or square picture frames, as they'll look fantastic as part of the whole. The outer lines should be straight, but within the square or rectangle, you can choose yourself which distance is best between the frames. Square or rectangular forms work equally well regardless of the size of the whole.

Satisfyingly messy

There is a fun alternative for a dynamic form of picture wall which requires a little more planning. The technique is to combine different images, picture frames in different colours, as well as diverse wall decorations, and thereby create order in chaos. It is most aesthetic if you hang the pictures along a vertical, straight line, and ensure that they sit symmetrically. It works well to place pictures with the same form so that the distances between them are consistent. A round or oval decoration should be hung in the centre of the piece. It's even better if you follow a theme related to where you want to put this dynamic picture wall, such as in a kitchen or bathroom. Take into consideration that varying forms can often necessitate a large wall.

Make it easy for yourself


Lastly, a tip for those who aren't so good at planning, measuring and drilling: use a picture rail! Picture rails r

equire, of course, a little work when you want to set them up. But after that, you can quickly and easily vary your posters, photographs and decorations without needing to replan the whole wall. A rule for this, which will help it to be as aesthetic as possible, is to hang the picture rails at consistent distances, and allow them to follow the same line on the outer edges. Choose picture rails in the same colour, and make sure that they match the range of colours on the wall.

Combine modern posters, photographs, old tickets, lighting and mirrors in your picture wall. The charm of it all is that you can collect all of your favourite hangable items and create a lovely whole with them.

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Good luck!