Wood picture frames

With a wooden frame, your image receives a discreet framing that won't claim too much of the viewer's attention. Wood pushes your thoughts towards nature and Nordic design, and a wooden frame will be a classic and discreet element in your home.

We have wooden frames in many different sizes and styles.

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 1319 products

    Wood picture frames - find your favourite amongst our oak & walnut picture frames

    Natural wood picture frames bring your pictures to life, perfect for nature photos. Here is one of our favourites in solid oakSince wood picture frames - especially oak - work well in all homes, we naturally have a huge selection to offer. We always ensure our range is continuously updated with fresh new products so that everyone can find exactly what they're looking for.

    Are you drawn to oak picture frames? Or perhaps you prefer walnut? Our wood frames are sure to lift your decor and stylishly give your home a new, fresh feel. We also have a range of posters in the same sizes as our picture frames.

    We make it easy for you to update your home interior with our range of posters and our popular oak picture frames. It's an affordable way to make a big impact, instantly. Perfect for when you don't want to spend a fortune but want a quick way to give your decor a fresh new look.

    We love the fact that our wood picture frames all work well together, so they can be mixed and matched with one another. You could have both oak and walnut picture frames on the same wall, bringing it alive with variety. Another alternative is to have only oak picture frames but in several different sizes. A whole wall decorated with our posters and picture frames would look fantastic. Try it - we promise you will love the dynamic effect this has on any room!

    Find your favourite wood picture frame here! We've compiled a selection of MDF and solid wood picture frames finished in a number of natural shades. We also have unfinished wood frames which you can leave as they are or paint or stain yourself. You will find all possible designs and sizes which means it’s easy to find the perfect picture frame for your home. How about a picture frame in classic oak, rich walnut or a chic distressed finish to decorate your walls?

    Do you ever wish you could spend more time outdoors amongst nature? With the help of the right interior accessories, you can create a feeling of earth, sea, sky and forest in your own home. Here are some simple tips.

    Walls: Paint or wallpaper your walls white to catch as much daylight as possible. Frame posters and photos to hang in attractive groups. Choose elegant frames in your favourite wood. Oak picture frames are quite light-coloured, but darker walnut picture frames can create more symmetry and contrast. If you prefer white picture frames, you can of course choose whitewashed where the grain of the wood is still visible. These frames are ideal for a picture of a single green leaf, a nature-inspired text or a photo of your favourite part of the countryside.

    Floors: Choose a wood or laminate floor that matches your picture frames, and mats or soft rugs in grass-green, brown or grey to blend in with the nature theme.

    Other decor: Try matching the wood tones of your furniture, floor and photo frames so they work together in harmony. Keep the room light with lots of lamps in the windows and on the floor, walls and ceiling. Add splashes of colour here and there in green, gold, brown and blue with the help of textiles such as cushions and throws. 

    Plants: Choose several different types of plants to dot around here and there. Liven up a bookcase with a hanging pilea or aloe vera plant, or show off your bonsai tree on your windowsill.