Yellow picture frames

Let a little sunlight into your home, choose a yellow picture frame for your next framing project! A yellow picture frame can be a cheerful and eye-catching element in any home. A yellow picture fame works especially well if you have an image which is mainly blue and which you want to give a little extra punch, since yellow accentuates blue.

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    Showing 29 products

    Yellow frames

    Yellow is a vibrant, cheery colour! And it's trendy too, which is why it's stylish and fun to add yellow picture frames to our home decor. Yellow is a great colour for picture frames, or any frame for that matter. A yellow picture frame will instantly catch the eye of your guests, who will be impressed by your bold choice!

    Be brave and add yellow to your home decor

    At first, you may think that yellow is too bold for your style. Well, it's more a matter of stepping out of one's comfort zone and deciding to try something new. You won't regret it! People now tend to be more adventurous with their home decor, at least when it comes to small objects such as frames. It's a great trend that we hope will persist.

    Yellow makes for a great combination with, for example, black and white. So, your black and white photo will look amazing in a yellow frame. It brings out the image in a different way and it is undoubtedly a colour that works really well for picture frames.

    Should the frame or the motif be the centre of attention?

    Do you want the frame or the motif to draw the attention of the people that come to your house? You should consider this as you otherwise may make the wrong choices. So have a think about that. Once you know the answer, it will be much easier for you to pick a frame for your photo.

    Framing images and photos is always a fun project. A good approach is to lay out all the yellow frames together with the photos and images on the floor or on a table and then arrange and rearrange them until you've found the best layout. If you, like us, like to mix a few different colours, then put a couple of other coloured frames into the mix. It will look fun and cheerful. We promise you!

    Yellow picture frames in different sizes

    When buying new yellow picture frames, you'll have a lot of fun mixing different sizes. It doesn't really matter if you are putting together a picture wall, if you want your picture frames standing on a table or if you're planning to place them around your home. Just going for the same size is a bit boring, so ensure to find suitable motifs for both large picture frames and small ones.

    Yellow frames brighten up a room regardless of the size, so if you want both a large yellow frame and a small yellow frame, then you shouldn't hold back but just go for it! Why not buy both a large and a small yellow photo frame while you're at it?