Grey picture frames

In our selection you'll find grey picture frames in many different sizes, shapes and styles. What do you say to a grey picture frame in the shape of a heart, or one which fits lots of pictures?

A grey picture frame can be a stylish and discreet element in your home.

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    Showing 1 - 100 of 168 products

    Grey frames

    The colour grey falls in and out of fashion in terms of trends, but it is highly popular in interior design at the moment. So take the opportunity and add one or more grey picture frames to your home! Grey is easily matched with other colours so don't hold back. Just display a photo in a grey picture frame and add it to your arrangement of picture frames on the wall or on your side table.

    Does a completely grey picture wall work?

    The answer to that question is, if you ask us, yes! Why not enjoy this trend and make the most of it? Just imagine how cool it looks with an entire picture wall made up of a multitude of different grey picture frames! Go for different styles and different sizes. It will make for an amazing arrangement and stand out as a special feature.

    Generally speaking, it's great fun to create a picture wall, as most of you know by now. If you don't have one already, what are you waiting for? A picture wall really gives a great boost to any room. And don't stress, you can buy both grey picture frames and posters directly here from us. Just get started and everything will be arranged fast and easy!

    Provide the space the image deserves!

    Certain frame colours, such as grey and white, creates an impression of giving more space to the motif. Some frames stand out so much that we forget to look at the actual image, which is not really the intention. Having said that, the purpose of the frame is naturally not only to hold the image, but also to enhance the image and be beautiful in its own right. This is exactly what you get with a grey frame, or a grey photo frame.

    Grey picture frames - perfect for colourful motifs

    If you have a lot of lovely colourful prints and images laying around at home, for which you don't have suitable picture frames, then it is absolutely the right choice to opt for grey frames. It's true for both grey photo frames and other frames. Thus, no matter what you want to frame, it's sure to be a great result.

    Many find it hard to introduce strong colourways in their homes, but we really encourage you to try it out. Some splashes of colour here and there really makes any home look interesting! Nevertheless, if you feel that you want to keep your home quite "cool" and stylish without too much colour, then grey is a great choice. Grey picture frames go well with black and white and colourful prints alike.